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About Somatic Experiencing®

When trauma is unresolved or stress accumulates in our lives, our attention is captured by repetitive stress signals and we experience symptoms such as anxiety, and disconnection. We may feel worn out, easily overwhelmed, or as if we must be always on guard. These symptoms keep us from being fully present in our lives. By using Somatic Experiencing® to unstick them, our awareness is liberated and can broaden to allow a fuller experience of life.


SE cultivates nonjudgmental awareness of our inner experience in order to resolve the trauma and stress patterns that hinder us on physical, psychological, and spiritual levels. This resolution restores attention, which not only enables individuals to reclaim their lives, but also creates the potential for new ways to resolve social conflict and foster more harmonious human communities.


In your first session with me, I will attune myself to you and what you are looking for from SE. This process is framed as an exploration to discover together what your vision is for our work, what feels like a fit for the ways we communicate, and what we identify as the fit for your physiology. This session, in and of itself, can bring insight, clarity, healing, and transformation.

Useful Links and Resources



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Individual SE Sessions

As a trained Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, I take the role of educator, working with individuals to help them develop their awareness of physical and mental processes. This supported awareness can then lead to the resolution of symptoms caused by unaddressed or untreated trauma and stress.

My work as an SE practitioner is informed by my master’s degree in counseling, in-depth training in focusing, and more than 30 years of Buddhist meditation practice.

If you are interested in scheduling an SE session, please read my consent form. You will need to  bring a signed copy to your first session. If you have questions about the form, please feel free to contact me, using the button below.

To schedule a session or to learn more about what a session includes, use the button below to contact me.