A Deeper Sense of Happiness & Contentment

A Brief Exploration of the Direction of Our Spiritual Path

This is an article that I wrote for the Mountain Hermitage that you may find of interest.  Here it is: During the Buddha's time, a group of monks happened upon one of their fellow monastics in the forest, the Venerable Bhaddiya (Ud 2.10).  "Ah, what bliss, ah, what bliss...," they heard him muttering to himself. The monks were worried that Bhaddiya felt disheartened with the spiritual life...

Interview of me about Physiology and the Buddhist Path

The Convergence of Vedanā, Our Mammalian Physiology, and Awakening

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS) interviewed me about an upcoming course I will be teaching in August.  The theme covers the intersection between mammalian physiology and aspects of the Buddhist Path. I feel this is an essential conversation for our communities to continue to engage in.  It is something that has helped me in my own practice and i have seen it have a transformative...

A Warm Welcome to All of You

Beginning with Gratitude

A Warm Welcome to All of You
I want to give a warm heart-felt welcome to all of you who are visiting this new website. In Soto Zen monasteries, a chant is recited at meals that begins, "Seventy-two labors brought us this food. We should know how it comes to us.”  Seventy-two refers to the seventy-two individual jobs found in a monastery ranging from the cook to the abbot whose labors allow for the spiritual community...

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